New Statement (paintings):

So far: N/A. Taking pictures for the time being.

Old Statement:

There is a rocky beach in Maine: as waves recede, there is a chattering sound made by these rocks as they roll over each other. The sound is made by a million impacts, a million minute abrasions, which over time give the rocks their distinct shapes – long, flattened oviods about a hand's length. To pick up a rock from this beach and examine it is to examine years of the chattering tide.


Everything in the universe is the way it is because some process or system made it that way.


I doubt everything I do but I do not doubt accidents; they are free of the prejudices and limitations consciousness brings to every waking action. Accident is a place where consciousness ends and there is a direct, physical confrontation between the body and the forces of the universe. But accident cannot be planned for. So, plan the opposite: Use a system. Use repetition. Because it is impossible to execute perfectly a system, or to exactly repeat a thing, accident occurs.


I want to exist in a world without intuition or assumption. I want to understand structures, not see discrete objects. My pictures are about making a thing out of many things, building a structure with an apparent nature, with a clear and readable history. To make time exist within a space, and make chatter into voice.