10/20/12 Printmaking and Its Discontents Manhattan Graphics Center, New York, NY. (Curator)
03/21/12 A Blessed Rage for Order BRIC, Brooklyn, NY.
02/11/12 Untitled Long Island Barrister's Gallery, New Orleans, LA.
02/02/12 New Prints IPCNY, New York, NY.
08/01/11 Flock Manhattan Graphics Center, New York, NY. (Curator)
04/30/11 Pretty Vacant 94 4th. St., Brooklyn, NY.
02/04/11 Dangerous and Hard to See University of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ.
01/20/11 An Exchange with Sol LeWitt Cabinet, Brooklyn, NY., and Mass MoCA, North Adams, MA.
01/08/11 The Algorithmic Print Manhattan Graphics Center, New York, NY.
01/07/11 Postcards from the Edge CRG Gallery, New York, NY.
04/17/10 Work/Wassaic. WORK Gallery Brooklyn, NY.
01/08/10 Postcards from the Edge ZieherSmith, New York, NY.
06/13/09 Matthew Franklin Wilson Manhattan Graphics Center, New York, NY.
04/23/09 After Image: Propositions Written and Realized 315 W. 39th St. New York, NY.
03/01/09 UnBlack and OffWhite Manhattan Graphics Center, New York, NY. (Curator)
10/30/08 Seriality Manhattan Graphics Center, New York, NY. 
11/30/07 Postcards from the Edge James Cohen, New York, NY.